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    • Internet Scam

      It has brought to my attention that several members of the chapter have received fraudulent emails requesting that members purchase pre-paid cards on my behalf.  Please do not buy into this scam as I would never ask anyone to purchase gift cards on my behalf.  If you continue to receive these emails, please let me know so I can notify the chapter. 

      Kenneth Mayes

      FASHRM President


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    • Free On-line HR Training

      Diversity and Inclusion is one of the hottest topics in the work environment today.  As a HR professional, it is important to understand the concept of Diversity and Inclusion to ensure that you are maximizing your efforts and the effort of your organization to support this vision.

      If you are interested in learning more about topics such as harassment, Diversity and Inclusion, bias, and employee engagement,  please utilize this link for access to several quick courses that you can take online at no cost.

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