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About Us

    Thanks for visiting our site and WELCOME!

    The Fayetteville Area Society for Human Resource Management (FASHRM) is the premier professional organization for human resource professionals in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Our chapter was chartered on January 18, 1996 and is a local affiliate of the national Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). We are a non-profit organization of human resource professionals from a variety of large/medium/small industries.

    Because of the efforts of our membership, Officers and Board of Directors, both SHRM State and National have recognized us. Those awards received are:

    • SHRM Gold Excel Award 2022
    • SHRM Gold Excel Award 2020.
    • SHRM Gold Excel Award 2019.
    • SHRM Gold Excel Award 2017.
    • SHRM Foundation Champion 2017.
    • SHRM Gold Excel Award 2016.
    • Distinguished Professional Chapter of the Year Award 2015.
    • SHRM Foundation Champion 2015.
    • Membership Superstar Chapter 2015.
    • Shape Bronze Award 2015.
    • SHRM Foundation Champion 2014.
    • Superstar Chapter 2014.
    • SHAPE Silver Award 2014.
    • SHAPE Silver Award 2013.
    • Distinguished Professional Chapter of the Year Award 2013.
    • SHAPE Bronze Award 2012. 
    • Superstar Chapter for 2012. 
    • SHRM Foundation Champion 2012. 
    • Distinguished Professional Chapter of the Year Award 2012. 
    • Crown Award Recipient and SHAPE Bronze Award 2011. 
    • SHAPE Silver Award 2010. 
    • 1999 & 2000 Merit Award (national), 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008. Superior Merit Award (national) and 2001/2002 Small Chapter of the Year (state).
    Message from the President

    Fayetteville Area Society for Human Resource Management (FASHRM) is a professional organization consisting of members from every facet of the human resource community. FASHRM is committed to the professional development of the members through active involvement in the community and internally to the organization. The outstanding professionals are here, steadfast, and available to assist colleagues, organization leadership, and organizations as a whole to provide the best human resource products possible.

    FASHRM was formed with the following objectives:

    • To promote the development/improvement of personnel practices among our members and community.
    • To increase interest in the field of human resources within Cumberland County and the surrounding areas.
    • To enhance the prestige of the personnel/HRM professional in the eyes of management and the public.
    • To stimulate closer cooperation between industry, business, distribution, services, education and governmental agencies in Fayetteville, Cumberland County and other local areas.
    • To allow members to develop individual and viable talent through active participation during professional events or organization projects.